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Neuroscience and Philosophy at it's best! highly professional - inspiring - life-changing

Experience incredible lectures and seminars  on the basis of the newest insights in genetics, neuroscience and philosophy.

Current findings about DNA, Micro-DNA and microbiological processes open up an insightful world for a deeper understanding of the power of communication, leadership and health issues, as well as for living a successful and meaningful life.

Billions of microbiological processes occur in our body at the same time and determine our daily life experiences in ways we almost cannot imagine. Understanding these processes, in conjunction with the knowledge of ancient and modern philosophers, promise a new mindset to live a powerful and healthy life, improving our leadership and communication capabilities.

Even new solutions in treating stress, depression, burnout and cancer are arising.



What our Attendees say

"a remarkable highlight of the annual conference…"

"Excellent speaker..."


"an outstanding seminar about depression and emotional stress at the workplace…"


"delirious applause!"

"highly professional and entertaining..."

"Surpassed all expectations..."



"best educational seminar..."


"tremendous know-how"

"in-depth insights"


Governmental Departments

Non-Profit Organizations



Law Enforcement





Gain Wisdom for

Your Daily Life


Explore the wisdom of philosophy and nature for your daily life. Learn from the great philosophers and hidden champions, and from the most recent genetic and brain research.












Explore the Power to Influence People


Explore how communication and every day experiences influence our human body on a cellular level. Use this knowledge for a new way of inspiring and winning people.












Discover the Secrets

of Well-Being


Explore the secrets of well-being based on the most recent insights in neurobiology, psychology and genetics. Learn how to overcome stress in your life and to develop healthy living patterns.










Dr. Robin J. Malloy

Dr. Robin J. Malloy is known for his tremendous insights in neuroscience and philosophy with an incredible gift to elate his audience and to share from a holistic point of view.


He speaks on a regular basis for governmental departments, non-profit organisations, educational institutions and companies.


Dr. Malloy can be described as a strong visionary, with an open heart for moments and people and a strong love for life. He lives in Paderborn, Germany, is happily married and the father of three children.



Trainskill - Transformative Adult Education







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